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This weeks Beat the Frog was won by the hilarious MC Afrika Zulu.

Full line-up:

  • David Longley (compere)
  • Mark Fitzsimons (support act)
  • Hawkeye and Windy (support act)
  • MC Afrika Zulu (Winner)
  • Josh Fletcher (Runner up)
  • Matt Fong (Runner up)
  • Innis Snelling (Runner up)
  • Callum Oakley (Runner up)
  • Thomas Fitzgerald
  • Kyle Powell
  • Diane Fitton

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Congratulations to Monty Burns who won Beat the Frog on Wednesday! We’re all looking forward to seeing him again.

Full Line-up:

  • Phil Ellis (Compere)
  • Adrian Hull (Support act)
  • Jay Islaam (Support act)
  • Monty Burns (Winner)
  • Phil Reid (Runner up)
  • Sean Turner (Runner up)
  • Aiden Walsh
  • Kieran Cooper
  • Rich, Thick and Creamy
  • Jim Bayes
  • Tom Little
  • Steve Jones


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This Monday we had a wonderful surprise with John Bishop returning back to where it all started. John Bishop had his first ever gig on our Beat the Frog amateur act night all them years ago.

“I got into comedy completely by accident. When I went along to the Frog and Bucket for an open mic show, I only meant to watch… I’d never been on a stage before and I was shocked by how bright the lights were. I couldn’t see anyone. And I only had one joke… At least four of them chuckled. That first laugh, it’s like losing your virginity – it’s not perfect and you know you’ll get better but you’re completely bitten by the bug.” – John Bishop, 2000

Also a big congratulations to Clayton Jones who won monday’s btf competition.

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This weeks winner was a guy from the audience! Congratulations to Tom Fitzgerald!